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Frequently Asked Questions

High School Students

We would like our daughter to attend boarding school but would prefer an all-girls school, is that possible?
Yes, there are excellent single-sex options.

Are boarding schools religious?
There are both secular and non-secular boarding schools.

Are boarding schools selective to get into?
There is a wide range of schools. Certain schools are highly competitive to enter and others less so. Finding the right match for each student is the key.

Our daughter did not take the SSAT or TOEFL. Is this a problem?
Schools have varying admission requirements, some require testing and others do not. We can determine the best way to proceed.

We would only like our child to attend for one year, are there such programs?
Many boarding schools welcome one-year international students.

Our son is a very talented musician. Can he continue?
Of course! Schools offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There is excellent training available for music, arts, and sports. Finding the best program is the key.

We would like to accompany our child on his boarding school visits but we do not speak English well.
We speak Spanish. For other languages we arrange a translator to accompany us.

We suddenly had to change our plans and will not be able to spend the coming holiday with our son. The Headmaster has told us the school is closed, what can we do?
This is a common problem and one that we handle on a case by case basis as each situation is unique.

My daughter has broken her leg during riding and needs surgery.
We will ensure she gets the best medical care and will facilitate all aspects of the process. This could involve bringing her to Boston where we will remain with her.

Our son is unhappy and would like to transfer schools after Christmas Break?
We can work with his current school to evaluate his situation, assist in selecting schools with openings, coordinate interviews, and ultimately orchestrate your son's move-out and move-in.

We feel badly that we cannot attend any of our child's sporting events or take him out for dinner.
We are your child's American parents: we will be on the sidelines or at the dinner table!

College Students

How competitive is it to get into an American university?
There is a wide range of universities with varying admissions standards. Many schools are highly competitive. There are also many schools that are less selective and provide an excellent education.

My child is very smart, will she be admitted to Harvard?
Admissions to such schools is highly selective. We encourage students to follow their dreams while understanding the realities and complexities of the admission process.

Will you guarantee that our son gets into a school?
Our goal is to construct an application list that should offer each student one or more options; however, there is no guarantee.

How important is the ACT and SAT? Do you prepare students?
Standardized testing is one piece of the application process. Its importance varies from university to university. We do offer standardized test preparation that can be conducted via Skype.

What about the TOEFL?
The TOEFL is generally required for admission for international students. The most competitive schools suggest a 100 or above. There are many other excellent universities with lower requirements. A low TOEFL score does not mean that a student should not pursue an education in the USA.

Is financial aid available for international students?
International financial aid is limited but not impossible.

Our son does not seem to be working up to his potential and we are concerned he is not attending school regularly.
We will visit with his academic advisor and with your son. We will determine the source of the problem and possible solutions including: tutoring, reducing his course load, changing his major, or transferring to another college.

My child is not happy with dormitory life. What should we do?
Dormitory life is not for every student. We can quickly arrange an apartment rental and facilitate her move.

Our son has never prepared his own food or maintained his own apartment. What help can you provide?
A common problem! We arrange cleaning services and a host of options for meals including: delivery of groceries, delivery of prepared food, and/or meal preparation in his apartment. In many cases we are able to find someone from your native country ensuring his comfort.

We would like to purchase an apartment for our daughters and for us to use when we regularly visit them.
We can identify appropriate neighborhoods and buildings, refer you to an experienced real estate agent, aid with the legal documents, and assist in decorating and furnishing the apartment.

My daughter just called us and said someone stole her handbag.
We will: file a police report, cancel her credits cards, change the lock on her apartment door, ensure that she is safe in her apartment, and monitor for identity fraud.

What if there is a natural disaster or terrorist attack?
We have an emergency plan and discuss evacuation scenarios with students each year.

My child was involved in an automobile accident in his car.
We will also deal with his damaged vehicle and file police and insurance reports.